Benefits of being a Pick-up and Delivery Partner with uParcel Malaysia

1 September 2022

Pick-up and Delivering whenever and wherever you like is an advantage of being a delivery partner with uParcel Malaysia. Additionally, you might appreciate the flexibility of job-by-job payment.

One of Malaysia’s same-day delivery providers with the fastest growth is uParcel Malaysia. For intra-states deliveries maximum of 60km radius, uParcel offer trustworthy and reasonably priced courier services.

The ability to pick up packages from the sender's address and deliver them to the recipient's address is a requirement for delivery partners. Additionally, they must be able to deliver packages to the client's address or another chosen location.

A current driver's license and ownership of a vehicle are not prerequisites for uParcel delivery partners. Although a valid car or motorbike license is preferred if they wish to be able to deliver within their states. Any mode of transportation, including foot and public transportation, is acceptable for delivery by a verified delivery agent. Being a delivery partner with uParcel is incredibly simple and flexible.

The uParcel Malaysia team includes delivery partners as a critical part. They are in charge of the delivery and make sure parcels/items arrive at their destinations on schedule and undamaged.

  1. Consistent work-life balance: You can choose your own schedule as a delivery partner. You have the freedom to decide when and how much time you want to spend working. This gives you a great deal of flexibility in terms of your daily schedule and enables you to enjoy life in addition to work.
  2. Competitive pay: Partners who make deliveries are compensated for each one they completed They earn more money the more deliveries they make! If they provide good service and get reviews with five stars. They will be given a reward.
  3. Independent contractor: Due to the fact that delivery partners are independent contractors, no boss will micromanage or watch their backs.
  4. Get paid instantly every two weeks! even though your earnings are only RM10, without having to request payment. It will automatically credit your account.
  5. Unlike other delivery firms, we don't require a deposit when you sign up as a freelance delivery partner.

uParcel is actively looking for partners who share our values and our goal of offering the community a reliable and consistent parcel pickup service. Sign up right away if you want to start earning as uParcel Delivery partner!