Medicine Delivery Service in Malaysia | Telemedicine Delivery

Reliable and swift medicine delivery services with uParcel in Malaysia. Ensure your prescriptions arrive safely and on time. Trust uParcel for all your medicine delivery needs in Malaysia.

uParcel Malaysia now provides high-quality and speedy deliveries for your Telemedicine products. It is a new service available in Malaysia where uParcel will deliver your telemedicine prescription and documents from point A to point B at minimal costs. uParcel helps to minimize waiting times for your telemedicine, delivering according to your needs.


Since telemedicine is more convenient than physically meeting your doctor, more consumers are beginning to use telemedicine and technology to receive their prescriptions. Because of this increase in demand, uParcel now offers our service for your medicine across Malaysia.


2-hour and 3-hour rush delivery 

uParcel can deliver your prescription and documents within 2 or 3 hours, in case of a sudden prescription or urgent need of medication. At rates as low as RM 13, uParcel will deliver your products as fast as possible, with little to no delays. 


Same day delivery

Considering not-so-urgent prescriptions, uParcel is able to deliver your products within the same day for as low as RM 9. You will receive your items on the day of placing your order on the uParcel mobile app. *Do take note that your delivery has to be booked before 12pm for you to receive your products within the same day.*


Specific time-slot

If 2-hour, 3-hour, or same-day delivery does not fit your schedule, uParcel also offers specific time slot delivery, where the customer is able to schedule a specific time period on any day to receive their package. Starting from as low as RM 24, uParcel will deliver your prescriptions based on your schedule and convenience.

As a logistic service provider, uParcel Malaysia strives to provide an affordable, customisable, efficient, and reliable experience for our customers. We hope to provide a service that is fitted to the customers’ needs and wants through our on-demand delivery and express courier service.

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Related Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, a RM10 surcharge is applicable if the distance between pickup and delivery >30KM, capped at 45KM. Additionally, a RM20 surcharge will incur for >45km, capped at 60km.
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Senders are supposed to follow our packing guidelines. All contents should be packed in a single sealed package. Should any prescriptions be damaged during delivery, uParcel will investigate if the Sender or Agent is liable for the damage.
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uParcel is one of the best and top same day delivery providers for Telemedicine in Singapore. If you are looking for a safe and secure way to receive your prescribed medicine, uParcel guarantees a reliable, fast, and immediate delivery service, especially when it comes to your prescription medicine and documents. Through uParcel’s advanced in-house proprietary tracking technology, the customer can specifically track where his/her medication is, verifying that your items are safe and onroute.
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In order to ensure that the correct customer receives the correct prescriptions, uParcel Agents will verify the customers’ ID/NRIC before marking the delivery as complete. This is to ensure maximum security and safety. To prevent misuse of medication or wrongly delivered documents.
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You can add-on ‘Verify Name and ID’ from our ‘Additional Services’ to your delivery request at an additional fee of RM1 for verification purposes.
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