Same Day Delivery in Malaysia

Get instant delivery in Malaysia with our same-day courier services.

Same Day Courier Service

uParcel's same day courier service is now available throughout Kuala Lumpur. Based on the time and distance needed, our couriers will collect parcel(s) from your destination and dispatch them to the selected delivery location within a short time frame and for a minimal flat rate. Same day delivery is now more convenient with uParcel.

The process is easy

Our uParcel app is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play for Android and you can simply download the app to request parcel delivery. There are also guided instructions to assist you in booking a same-day delivery. Our delivery system will quickly link up our drivers in Malaysia to collect and deliver your parcel promptly. Our app has all the information that you need to customize your deliveries to and from the specific locations that you want.

Same day delivery in Malaysia is now a personalized experience

uParcel's same day delivery service allows you to tailor-make any part of the delivery process, from the time to the location. Your time is precious so we aim to provide you a one stop service and we make sure that your parcel is carefully and quickly delivered within the same day. This is also facilitated with the direct contact with our delivery agents so that you are able to liaise with them directly. There is also SMS notification to alert you on the progress of the delivery.

Know the exact location of your parcel at anytime.

uParcel has made same day courier service more convenient and affordable in Malaysia. With our superior service, we not only provide updates on the delivery status but you are also able to use the tracking code to track your parcel on our app or website to see the exact GPS location of your parcel. It is indeed the easiest way to deliver!