Steps to become verified uParcel Delivery Agents in Malaysia

16 November 2021

uParcel is actively hiring new freelance full-time or part-time delivery agents.

Steps to become verified uParcel Delivery agents
  1. Search for uParcel Malaysia on Google Playstore or Apple Appstore
  2. Download and install the app
  3. Register for an account
  4. Upload your IC and photo
  5. Complete the Quiz
  6. Wait for your account to be verified within 1-3 working days

Why should you become our delivery agent?

  1. Cashless payments Giro transfer to your bank twice a month
  2. Convenient to earn extra income Deliver something on your way to work, school or everywhere
  3. Any Transport You can deliver no matter by public or private vehicles
  4. Flexible working hours You can manage your own time and accept jobs as and when you are free to do deliveries

Download our app today and become our verified delivery agent.

Happy earning and delivering!