5 ways uParcel can improve your food business delivery in Malaysia

22 March 2023

In today's fast-paced world, convenience is king, and businesses that offer reliable and efficient delivery services are more likely to succeed. This is especially true in the food industry, where customers expect fast, fresh, and convenient delivery options. In this blog post, we will share 5 ways how uParcel can improve your food business delivery in Malaysia.

1) Expand your food business customer base

uParcel delivery service can assist businesses in growing their customer beyond those who can physically visit the place. Giving regular customers a convenient way to place food orders, can draw in new consumers who might not have otherwise tried the restaurant and also enhance customer loyalty. 
Food businesses can reach more clients by collaborating with a third-party delivery service, that may not have heard of them. Partnering with third-party delivery services might also help firms reach this market because they frequently have a large customer base. 
With a large variety of restaurants and cuisines in Malaysia, Klang Valley, for instance, has a thriving and diverse food scene. Yet, the way that individuals access and enjoy food is changing due to the growth of food delivery platforms and services. By making their menus and offerings accessible to a broader audience of customers, food delivery services can benefit Klang Valley restaurants by increasing their awareness. This may contribute to bringing in more business and boosting profits.
Customers can order and enjoy food from their favourite restaurants without having to leave their homes by using food delivery services, which can increase dining convenience for them. As a result, more customers will return, resulting in customer retention.
Moreover, meal delivery services can give businesses more flexibility so they can respond to changes in customer tastes and demands, restaurants can then increase their customer base and reach by providing delivery choices. Thus, partner with uParcel and send your scrumptious cuisine to popular Malaysia cities including Klang Valley, Johor Bahru, Penang, and Ipoh. 
2) Increase your revenue with uParcel

Now that food may be ordered for delivery, customers who previously would not have been able to visit the restaurant personally can now do so. By partnering with a third-party delivery service, and offering a second sales channel, food businesses can increase sales by taking advantage of the demand for online ordering and delivery, boosting their profit. This might be especially beneficial to companies that lack a delivery infrastructure or have limited capacity for takeaway orders. 
Secondly, order frequency and average order value can both increase with the help of third-party delivery services. Customers are more inclined to order food more frequently when it can be delivered, which also increases revenue for restaurants.
Thirdly, to raise average order values, customers are frequently encouraged to spend more on third-party delivery services' promotions and deals. 
Lastly, collaborating with a third-party delivery service can assist food businesses in lowering their operating expenses. Businesses can now focus on their main company activities by using delivery services to reduce labour and operational costs associated with running their own delivery fleet.
3) Enhance your customers' experience

It can enhance customer satisfaction by providing a convenient way for customers to order meals and have them delivered right to their door. This may be especially useful for customers with busy schedules or those who might not be able to visit the restaurant in person. Due to third-party delivery services, customers frequently have a platform to publish reviews and feedback regarding their experiences with a particular restaurant. They can then quickly rectify a negative experience or problem if they encounter it. For food businesses aiming to boost customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness, this can be important information. 
By offering a comfortable, hassle-free dining experience, food delivery services can contribute to increased customer satisfaction. Restaurants may guarantee that customers receive their orders in a timely and convenient manner by providing quick and dependable delivery, which will also boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customers can order food from their computers or mobile devices with the convenience of third-party delivery services, making it simple for them to do so whenever they want. Additionally, customers frequently receive real time updates on their orders from delivery providers, including anticipated delivery dates and order tracking. By giving customers more insight and transparency into the delivery process and offering a pleasant one that they can complete from the comfort of their own homes, it will improve their overall experience.

4) Be different from your competitors

A food business can differentiate itself from its competitors by forming a partnership with a food delivery service. If customers want a convenient delivery option, they might pick a restaurant that delivers over one that doesn't.
By providing skilled delivery drivers who professionally represent the food business, a delivery service may also help with maintaining a professional image and brand consistency.
Firstly, partnering with a delivery company enables food businesses to increase their accessibility and reach. Businesses can now serve consumers who might not have the time or resources to visit their site physically. This can apply to customers who are preoccupied at work or with other commitments, who lack access to transportation, or who may just find it more convenient to have food delivered right to their door. Due to their ability to access new markets and customer segments, businesses that offer delivery may have a competitive advantage over those that do not.
Secondly, is that a dependable and effective delivery service can improve the overall customer experience. When it comes to food delivery, customers value convenience and timeliness, and companies that can reliably meet these demands are likely to develop devoted customers. Food businesses can lessen the likelihood of unfavourable customer feedback or complaints by partnering with a delivery company to guarantee that their deliveries are completed on time and in acceptable condition. As a result, the company may develop a good reputation, which could help it stand out in a crowded market.
Thirdly, partnering with a delivery company can help businesses optimise their processes and cut costs. Businesses can concentrate on their main strengths, such as food preparation and customer service, rather than managing the logistics of distribution, by outsourcing the delivery process. This can help firms save time, money, and resources so they can put them towards more crucial tasks like product development or marketing. 
Additionally, delivery partners might already be using their own systems for managing orders, tracking deliveries, and streamlining workflows, which can further improve efficiency and lessen the possibility of mistakes or delays.
5) Get data insights 

With a food delivery partner, restaurants can have access to data insights about customer ordering patterns, popular menu items, and delivery timings. This can help restaurants streamline their delivery procedures, learn more about the needs and preferences of their clients, and ultimately enhance their business practices.
Secondly, data insights can assist companies in streamlining their distribution procedure. Businesses can locate places where they can boost productivity and cut expenses by examining delivery data. Businesses might modify their delivery routes or timetables to optimise delivery times, for instance, if delivery data reveals that particular delivery routes are frequently delayed or backed up. Businesses may be able to do this to shorten delivery times, raise customer satisfaction levels, and ultimately boost revenues.
Thirdly, data insights can help companies better comprehend their customers. Businesses can gain important insights into customer behaviour from delivery data, such as order frequency, order size, and desired delivery timings. Businesses can use this information to tailor their offers to the requirements and interests of their customers. For instance, firms can modify their personnel and inventory levels to better handle these peak hours if delivery data reveals that customers are more likely to order at particular times of the day or week.
Finally, data insights can assist companies in identifying market trends and opportunities. Businesses can spot trends in customer behaviour, such as shifts in ordering habits or preferences for particular menu items, by evaluating delivery data across several locations and time periods. Businesses can stay competitive by using this information to inform their decisions regarding product development and marketing tactics.