On-demand Healthy Food Delivery Services at Klang Valley, Malaysia

23 September 2022

Looking for a food delivery provider to satisfy your cravings? uParcel offers you same-day delivery for any type of item, from food to bulky parcels. As the demand for healthy food delivery services in Klang Valley Malaysia increases, customers expect excellent service that will satisfy their needs.

With the rapid advancements in technology and in this era of e-commerce, more and more convenient alternatives for our daily to-do’s have been brought to life, with one of them being fast, on-demand healthy food delivery. According to a report by Food Industry Asia (FIA) and research from the firm IGD, almost all Malaysians (99 percent) are interested in maintaining a healthy diet and are actively trying to improve their consumption habits.

The recent coronavirus pandemic has and still is disrupting the lives of many, requiring both close contact and infected individuals to remain quarantined at home. Some families who used to prepare meals at home cannot do so as they are unable to buy ingredients or are simply too sick to cook. This is where uParcel’s food delivery services come in, allowing fresh food to be delivered safely right to your doorstep with a few presses of a button.

Benefits of Food Delivery Services in Klang:

Benefit #1: Reach more Customers

  • By partnering with a third-party food delivery partner your business is shown to many local customer searching for restaurants around them.
  • Just by adjusting the available options, your restaurant can also increase incremental sales based
  • Save on cost with the built-in marketing tools of a third-party platform. Hence, boosting your visibility and publicity

Benefit #2: Convenience for Customers

  • Satisfy consumer’s expectations of comfort and convenience
  • The majority of consumers want better-advanced technology to make their ordering takeout and delivery more convenient.
  • Consumers also consider the speed of delivery very important.
  • Especially now, with the high rise in covid-19 and monkeypox cases, customers prefer staying home and ordering food deliveries online.

With uParcel’s introduction of 2-hour rush, 6-hour express, and same-day delivery services, e-commerce and more specifically food delivery in Klang Valley have been made more flexible and readily available to the people. Same-day food delivery services as well as the quality of food received have become an important criteria that impact most buyers’ purchase decisions. Surely, nobody would want to receive food cold, deformed, or ruined by a reckless delivery agent. As an experienced logistic provider, uParcel has a team of skilled delivery agents that can deliver your food safely within a few hours.

Certainly, this does not only apply to Klang Valley but many other states in Malaysia. uParcel has expanded and is available in many states, up to 60km, such as Johor Bahru, Penang and East Malaysia. If you need to seek any assistance, refer to our website www.uparcel.co or contact us at express@uparcel.co for any general inquiries.