Can COVID-19 stop Malaysian from eating out?

25 January 2022

In an article on, “Malaysians eat out at a notably higher rate than citizens of other countries – 87% dine out at least weekly, compared to 74% globally. They choose foods from a wide variety of inexpensive venues, including the country’s famed street stalls as well as from fast food, cafes and other convenience outlets.”

It’s a Malaysian food culture to queue for viral food among the millennial’s generation. They will endure long queues to try out new viral dishes. With the increasing number of food merchants providing food delivery options partnering with food delivery apps companies available in Malaysia. They can order from the comfort of their home and wait for the food to be delivered to them instead.

Ever since, the Malaysian government lift up MCO. Many have flock to queue and dine out. Consumer now has an option to travel to other states to try new food, or just order their favorite food franchise via the app. Besides that, homebased food business has been added to one of the consumers to order list.  These business owners are also using food delivery courier service in Malaysia like uParcel to send their order to the customer or the customer themselves can request for collection from the seller.

Some consumers may continue to use food delivery services offered during this pandemic time for the sake of convenience and personal safety. However, for the freshness of cooked food, more than half of consumers will continue to queue for food and eat at home. Some of them will get groceries through a delivery service to cook at home because it is more cost effective.

Despite the fact that the dine-in restrictions change from time to time in order to reduce the number of COVID instances. However, as long as the food vendors, restaurants, and cafes are open. Consumers will continue to queue for their food, and they are willing to wait for hours to try new foods.

It's a hard choice between queuing for food and ordering food through a delivery service. Unless the food stall is located in quite a distance and offers meal delivery within the states. The customer may then decide to use a delivery service rather than going all the way to the food stall/restaurant/cafe.

In summary, COVID19 will not stop the Malaysian especially the youngsters to queue for food. It’s part of their culture.