Start the New Year with uParcel as a Delivery Agent in Malaysia

28 December 2021

Do you know that you join as Delivery Agent with uParcel even without a vehicle?

Regardless of whether you own a vehicle or use public transport, you can sign up as a delivery agent to earn extra income anytime.

Perks of joining uParcel Malaysia:
  • Cashless Payments: Hassle free payment every 2 weeks via bank GIRO transfer for the deliveries completed.
  • Very Convenient: Deliver something on your way to work, school or everywhere and extra income along the way.
  • Flexible Working Hours: Manage your own time. Plan your delivery time.

Download and register via our app or website. Sign Up as A Delivery Agent today and start your NEW YEAR with uParcel.

Delivery Agents get unique features to update the status of the deliveries, get notified on delivery requests and contact customers on the go!