Book uParcel 24 Hours Same Day Delivery Service in Malaysia

17 October 2022

Want an efficient, reliable, and easy delivery service at a reasonable price? There are thousands of packages to deliver in Malaysia, so you need to find the perfect courier service that meets your company's goals. uParcel, a promising same-day delivery 3PL, provides you with prompt and cheap same day courier service. With our specialty in same day delivery services, you can rest assured that your package will definitely reach its destination on time.
The uParcel team is comprised of a team of professionals who are skilled in parcel delivery. All the services we provide are approved by our users who can attest to the fact that all our packages are delivered within the specified time. To add to the security of your packages, uParcel also offers extra services of verifying the name and ID of our agent with only an additional fee of RM 1. Otherwise, you can also select our SMS Pincode to recipient option, paying a small fee of RM0.10, for higher security in your parcel deliveries.
Rest assured, even without additional services, our team of professional couriers will handle your parcels safely. Now, why choose uParcel Malaysia instead of other courier providers?
Benefit #1: Swift & Secure
uParcel offers a same day parcel delivery service so that you can always get your order delivered to you in a timely manner. All our couriers are trained to deliver your parcels within the time specified, and our customer support is available 24/7 to help you with anything you need. On top of that, we have a live tracking system that updates your parcel status every time there is a change in it. This helps to keep you informed on your delivery and allows you to track your orders easily. Any general enquiries, please contact us via email
Benefit #2: Direct Delivery
Unlike other courier providers, uParcel offers direct delivery to your doorstep anytime and anywhere. To reduce cost, most courier providers will prefer to collect the parcels and sort them for long hours before arranging a courier to deliver them. However, at uParcel, we value and aim to satisfy the needs of our customers. With that, our deliveries are unique such that they are all direct from door to door, at any location requested. What better same day courier service in Malaysia than uParcel?
Benefit #3: On-Demand
Book a delivery anytime, and let uParcel handle the rest. Anytime you need a delivery, uParcel will without fail be available and delighted to serve you. We understand that demands for better and prompt delivery services are consistently growing. To meet the demands of our customers, we offer a wide variety of options for delivery. This includes our popular same day delivery, 2-Hour Rush, 3-Hour Express, and Specific Delivery Slots where customers can customise the delivery timings to their preference. Our same day delivery for any parcels is kept customisable such that it creates a more personalised experience for each individual customer.
Our rates are always updated so that you can always keep your packages affordable. This is because we want to ensure that our customers are well-satisfied with the service they receive.
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