Warehouse services

uParcel offers warehouse and storage services in Singapore with our trusted partners.

Warehouse and Fulfilment Services

With your business growth, you might run out of storage space. uParcel is your best solution! We offer warehouse and storage services in Singapore. and provide last mile delivery effectively.

Don't let your reputation get spoiled. When your order volume outpaces your ability to get shipments processed and completed within a scheduled time, contact us; we are ready to help you.

Why to Choose Us?

We have a professional staff that will provide you with all of the tools you need to electronically pass over orders and starts shipping with no delay. You can focus on your core business. We will help you meet your customers' expectations.
By understanding your issues and anticipating your business and logistics needs, we provide robust solutions that will drive value for your business.
We offer dedicated warehousing and fulfilment services to our clients that help them in easy handling of their all goods. We use all latest tools and techniques to prevent your orders from unnecessary delay in the process. uParcel Services offers fulfilment services at affordable prices. We follow a planned process and clients need not to worry about their stored goods.

Warehouse distribution

We can help you if you are looking for a warehouse to store your goods. We offer these services at affordable prices. We ensure that no goods will be damaged and will be delivered to customers in time. We offer warehouse distribution services to manufacturers, retailers, and third party distributors.

Warehouse for rent

If you are not sure about the situation of your business in next few months, renting may be a better option than buying. We offer warehouses for rent, too. We can also help you in deciding which option will be better either buying or renting as per your needs and specifications.

Fulfilment service

Using a fulfilment service is a great option if you don't want to embroil yourself with shipping, or if you've grown to a point where you can't ship items manually anymore. Contact us; we will definitely make your shipping smooth.

Related Frequently Asked Questions

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Long-distance surcharge applies to the distance between pickup and delivery locations that exceed 30km. The maximum distance allowed is 45km.
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There will be an option for you to select whether you would like to add agent in 'My Fleet' list after you make a review for the agent. You are able to see the list of your 'My Fleet' agents by clicking on the 'Favourite Agents' tab.
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You can ship anything*. From a surprise to your loved ones to returning that bad online purchase. *Please refer to our prohibited list of items in the terms and conditions. Dangerous items such as explosives, guns, drugs etc cannot be delivered, you shouldn't be holding on to them too!
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Senders have to pack their items into a single package appropriately to prevent damage and all parcels have to be sealed up completely. Our delivery agents will pick up the item as it is. If it is fragile such as cannot be dropped or thrown, please label fragile and bubblewrap your item properly. Please label the address and any special instructions such as "Do Not Bend" & "Fragile".
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2 Way Round Trip is for customers who wish to have their parcels picked up from Point A and then delivering to Point B. After that to Pickup again from Point B and then delivering back to Point A.
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