Door to door delivery services



When time is key and urgent shipments are pressing, Uparcel delivery services provides you an array of flexible delivery options to cater for any type of mission-critical delivery needs. Our door-to-door service means that we pick up from your doorstep and deliver it to your customers' doorstep. With a wealth of experience in the industry and armed with technical capabilities, we offer a suite of services to cater towards your every need in terms of shipping or courier processing. We promise professionalism for all kinds of businesses, be it business-to-business needs, e-commerce fulfillment, outsource logistics or just standard courier service, as well as reliability, cost efficiency and top notch client/customer relationships.

Uparcel’s first class fleet of delivery vehicles and seamless logistic processing ensures that all our client needs, be it parcel, courier, document or even large cargo deliveries are well taken care of. Our service personnel are always a stone thrown away to pick up any packages as soon as a delivery request is submitted. With Uparcel’s delivery service, there are no stalls, processing/sorting mishaps or delayed deliveries. We promise to deliver your package, and we will do just that.


  • Clients who ship 2 cartons/parcels are entitled to a 20% discount off the shipping cost

  • For 3 cartons/parcels, it's 30% off all parcel price

  • 4 Carton/Parcels - 40% off all parcel price

  • 4 5 Carton/Parcels - 50% off all parcel price

  • 4 6 Carton/Parcels - 55% off all parcel price

  • 4 7 Carton/Parcels - 60% off all parcel price

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Arranging a pickup and delivery service with Uparcel is effortless. Simply visit our website or download our app and select your preferred delivery plan plus extra services (if required). Requests are processed as soon as they are made, and on the average, It takes a maximum of four hours to pick up the package. You can also place and track your delivery from the convenience of your mobile phone through our handy mobile app.

Related Frequently Asked Questions

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Long-distance surcharge applies to the distance between pickup and delivery locations that exceed 30km. The maximum distance allowed is 45km.
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There will be an option for you to select whether you would like to add agent in 'My Fleet' list after you make a review for the agent. You are able to see the list of your 'My Fleet' agents by clicking on the 'Favourite Agents' tab.
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You can ship anything*. From a surprise to your loved ones to returning that bad online purchase. *Please refer to our prohibited list of items in the terms and conditions. Dangerous items such as explosives, guns, drugs etc cannot be delivered, you shouldn't be holding on to them too!
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Senders have to pack their items into a single package appropriately to prevent damage and all parcels have to be sealed up completely. Our delivery agents will pick up the item as it is. If it is fragile such as cannot be dropped or thrown, please label fragile and bubblewrap your item properly. Please label the address and any special instructions such as "Do Not Bend" & "Fragile".
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2 Way Round Trip is for customers who wish to have their parcels picked up from Point A and then delivering to Point B. After that to Pickup again from Point B and then delivering back to Point A.
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