Same day replacement of printing cartridges for Konica Minolta

6 Sept. 2022

Our client Konica Minolta, is a Japanese multinational technology company with its headquarters in Marunouchi, Chiyoda, Tokyo, and has offices in 49 countries worldwide. uParcel provides express delivery services for Konica Minolta’s daily operations in Malaysia.


Each day, their customers require replacement of printing cartridges, and that is where we come in. Our agents provide fast same day replacement of printing cartridges for Konica Minolta.


Konica Minolta brand on phone screen


Express delivery has become a major preference among customers, starting with next day delivery. However, focus has shifted from next to same day deliveries in the present economy. By providing same day delivery, our client is able to gain an edge over competitors and improve customer satisfaction.


Let’s explore some of the benefits that our partner enjoys shipping with us!


Easier Inventory Management

With a same-day delivery policy, our client does not have to worry about wasting money holding inventory. Our same day delivery service helps the company manage production and sales hand-in-hand. This benefit is exclusively tied to providing same day delivery services, which means that there is no need to oversupply to meet potential demand. Instead, they can now practice lean management and allocate resources to more constructive use.


Delivery parcel with a cat inside


Corporate Account

With more than 10 delivery orders per month, our client was able to qualify for a life-time free corporate account and benefit from exclusive rates and bulk delivery discounts. Moreover, we had built on our knowledge of logistics technology and improved our services in terms of efficiency and cost savings over the years. Reinforcing our delivery services, we now have options for express delivery in affordable tiers starting from 2 hour delivery to 6 hours delivery (same day), and next day delivery.


Intra-cities Deliveries

For an additional 20RM charge, we were able to customize our services to deliver up to a distance of 60km. Our delivery rates are always transparent and flat and surcharges are clearly outlined to avoid any under or overcharging of rates.


Reduced Manual Work and Optimized Routes

Benefits of delivering with uParcel for Konica Minolta


Each day, there is little to no manual work for their team as our bulk upload functionality enables instant uploading of delivery orders to our delivery platform in just one click.


The delivery orders are then sent to our drivers to accept via the uParcel app and routes are automatically optimized based on region, location, distance and timing. In addition, there is also live tracking of the driver location function via the web portal that allows the admin to track where their drivers are at any point in time.


By using uParcel same day delivery, our client is able to improved their delivery processes by 40% as our route optimizer efficiently saves time, money and the planet as well.



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