No more long wait-times for Longchamp deliveries with uParcel

2 Sept. 2022

Longchamp, our partner is a French luxury leather goods company that sells lifestyle fashion items such as handbags, small leather goods, luggage, footwear. For Longchamp, we provided on-demand delivery services for their e-commerce orders 7 days a week.


uParcel focused on customizing our delivery service and rates so that our client can scale easily with low costs according to demand. As a business with an e-commerce store, we know that there are many factors to consider when choosing a delivery service provider. This includes providing fast delivery, free shipping, estimated delivery timings, easy returns and excellent customer service.


To gain an edge over competitors, fashion lifestyle retail businesses like with an online presence like Longchamp must maintain a delivery standard. This is where uParcel shines in as we leverage on our cutting edge logistics technology and customer relations from years of serving e-commerce companies.


Longchamp storefront


We understand that the way that your delivery service talks to your e-commerce platform is of high importance. When an order is placed on your site, you would expect to be able to print your shipping labels instantly. Leveraging on our existing API Integration technology, our team worked with the client to link the uParcel delivery platform to the Longchamp website to allow their e-commerce orders to flow seamlessly into our system.


uParcel and Longchamp API integration

Longchamp benefits of being a uParcel delivery partner


As our client deals with high-value goods, we also had insurance add-ons for our client as an extra service if they wish to top-up, and every parcel is automatically covered with a basic insurance. In the case that any parcel or package goes missing, both parties would be compensated fairly.


Different courier companies have a slightly different way of calculating their prices. Most calculate fees based on a combination of parcel size, parcel weight and distance. However, at uParcel we charge based on fixed, flat rates that we have set for the client. We tailored our rates to cater to the parcel size that our client normally sends and present our pricing in a clear and straightforward manner so that they would not need to worry about over or undercharging customers.


Faster Deliveries with uParcel

Our system accurately tracks each parcel and the delivery agent delivering that exact delivery. This makes it easy for our operations team to track down any missing delivery and ensures a smooth delivery journey for all our client’s orders.


Unlike other delivery providers, uParcel agents are easily contactable as we profile every delivery with the driver's picture, name and contact. Customers can simply dial or send a message to establish direct contact with their delivery driver.


Our client saw an increase in customer satisfaction after starting to use uParcel as we consistently delivered on our brand promise to deliver within a fixed timeframe. We managed the order shipping to Longchamp customers and provided an enhanced delivery experience, which enabled the brand to maintain its reputation, along with a human touch.



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