An all-rounded delivery service to meet all of Sinda’s delivery needs

2 Sept. 2022

We are partnered with Sinda, an organisation that contributes towards the betterment of the community. Due to the nature of their business, the organisation covers a wide range of activities ranging from administrative work to community events.


Leveraging the flexibility of our delivery services, we supported Sinda with a highly flexible and adaptable delivery service to cater to each one of their delivery needs.


Benefits of uParcel delivery for Sinda


Banking services

In the scope of banking activities, we assisted with the banking in of cheques. During delivery booking, we provided our partner with a special additional service add-on, “Queue service (max 35min.).” This allows our agents to perform specialised jobs like picking up parcels or delivering to banks which would usually require some time to be spent on the paperwork, and queueing.


Delivery agent handing the bank cheque over to admin for delivery


On some occasions, our agents also assisted with the withdrawal of cash and delivery of these securities safely back to the organisation.


Event transportation

Then, we also transported large, bulky items and props to event locations whenever required. Our van and lorries could carry up to a capacity of 900KG, depending on the vehicle type booked. Special equipment like pallet jacks, and additional manpower may be needed and often delivery locations may not have lifts or elevators spacious enough to allow the delivery personnel from larger items up and down buildings. Apart from the delivery, items may need to be dismantled or installed at the event venue as well.


We understand that many outsourced delivery drivers are not equipped with the support to complete jobs such as vehicle capacity, appropriate tools to move bulky items or the ability to assemble complex delivery items.


Van with bulky and large parcels at a distribution center


Because of these additional resources required, uParcel focuses on meeting these needs while providing fast, cheap, reliable, and sustainable delivery of these big and bulky items. Leveraging on tech-enabled solutions, uParcel grants customers control over the third-party delivery experience by allowing additional customization in two critical forms:


  1. Additional services available for add-on

Catering to all additional resources required such as pallet jacks, manpower and other constraints, uParcel implemented a wide selection of extra services that can added on to the delivery order to meet specific delivery requirements.


  1. Allowing the selection of delivery personnel

By allowing our client to select and favourite delivery agents, they can build their own regular delivery fleet based on a certain criterion to make sure that their delivery personnel are meeting their standards, and jobs are completed accurately and efficiently. With the right technology in place, our client can seamlessly manage a delivery fleet that supports the organisation’s daily activities smoothly.


Education Packages and Books Delivery

We also deliver Sinda’s education packages and books to low-income families, providing a friendly door-to-door service that positively represents the organisation.


Return Delivery

Apart from the straightforward collection and delivery service from Point A to Point B, uParcel also delivers back from Point B to Point A. For Sinda, we also picked up packages and delivered back them swiftly back to the SINDA Step Centres.


Ad-hoc couriers as required by respective departments in SINDA

Tapping on our large fleet of crowdsourced delivery agents, ad-hoc delivery jobs are also quickly accepted and completed by our agents. When a delivery request is booked via our website or mobile app (Available on Android and IOS), it is instantly updated in real-time and sent to our large delivery fleet. Agents near the pickup points of the job would also receive a push notification alerting them of the nearby job.


Providing a white glove service is an integral part of the consumer experience and we are continuously working towards innovating a smarter, greener, and more efficient delivery service. We value our customers’ feedback and are always happy to hear feedback from our clients and work on areas we could improve on!



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