uParcel Restricted Items

2 August 2021

uParcel - Your Easiest Way to Deliver.

Do take note that we will not deliver the following items:

  • Cash, stock, bills, gold, and other marketable securities
  • Human remains and altars
  • Pets and other small animals
  • Examination certificates, insurance documents, and passports which cannot be reproduced
  • Flammable or volatile items such as fireworks, kerosene, gas canisters, and paint thinner 
  • Written drafts, tapes, and film material that cannot be reproduced.
  • Poisonous or toxic substances.
  • Single parcel with a value that exceeds RM$1,000
  • Precious metals and stones
  • Illegal narcotics or drugs
  • Items that exceed uParcel's size dimensions

  • Read uParcel's Terms & Conditions here.