Tips To #StaySafe - uParcel Contactless Delivery

4 August 2021

As the COVID-19 situation worsens...


It is of utmost importance that we stay vigilant and take precautionary measures to avoid exposure to the coronavirus during this trying time.

For uParcel, our priority lies in keeping you, as well as our delivery personnel safe by ensuring that our operations comply with the Safe Management Measures set out by Enterprise Singapore (ESG)

Delivery agents must remember to wear their masks at all times while working in order to avoid any virus transmission on both sides. Should you find our delivery agent not wearing a mask, do let us know and we will take the necessary measures.

For bulky items, delivery agents will practice contactless delivery. Recipients can also easily contact delivery agents to request for them to leave items at their doorstep. 

The procedure of contactless delivery involves the delivery agent to follow the steps below:

1. Taking a photo of the parcel where it is dropped off

2. Signing the digital signature on your behalf

3. Updating delivery status (Recipient receives SMS alert)

As consumers, you can also do your part to curb the spread of the virus by contributing to the safe distancing movement and requesting for contactless delivery.

Stay Safe & Stay Healthy.. Practice social distancing.