Send Flower and Gifts on Valentines Day with uParcel, Malaysia

8 February 2022

Valentine's Day is one day when the flowers and gifts you send really matter. It is one of the most awaited and celebrated days of the year. It is a day when people show their love to their loved ones in different ways. On this day, people usually send flowers and gifts to their loved ones to express their feelings.

Florist and gift shops are the busiest business at least 1 – 2 weeks before Valentine’s Day. Normally, most florist have their own fleet of freelance drivers. Especially during this peak period, they would hire more freelance drivers to deliver the flowers and gifts on the day itself. That is because, it is more special to receive the flowers and gifts on the day itself rather than a few days before or after.

Many florists manage deliveries manually with paper and pen. And every year they would receive complaints on wrong addresses which result in late deliveries. uRoute can help them manage their drivers and delivery orders more efficiently via the admin web platform.

On the driver’s app, the delivery jobs are optimize based on date, time and location. This helps them to reduce their planning time by 95% and increase their productivity. With the AI powered Route Optimizer app. It will help to minimize route errors and save on petrol. This way, the business will receive lesser complaints.

To wrap things up, uRoute is suitable for a self-employed delivery business to an enterprise business. To a single driver to a multiple fleet of drivers.

uRoute offers Starter Plan that is FREE forever for the first driver. uRoute fees are lower as to compare to other delivery management assistant platform in the market.