Same Day Delivery Service is the appropriate solution for your Business in Malaysia

4 February 2022

Are you a large corporation or a new start-up in need of a dependable delivery service?
If the answer is yes, continue reading. Then you undoubtedly have a lot of orders and parcels to send to your clients and keeping track of them all at the same time can be challenging.

With the growing popularity of online buying. To manage the deliveries, you'll need to work with a reputable courier delivery service. This allows you to concentrate more on your business operations while also increasing your productivity in terms of growing and expanding your company.

Same Day Delivery Service

uParcel is KL's largest same-day delivery service provider. We can now offer same-day delivery to retail, e-commerce, and home-based businesses. Your consumers will be grateful and delighted to receive their orders the same day. You can potentially enhance sales since delighted consumers will become repeat buyers and will tell their friends and family about your brand/business. Word-of-mouth marketing is essentially free advertisement for your company.

Do you need more reasons on why you should use uParcel's same-day delivery service? You can read more here

How can you determine if uParcel is the right fit for the goods you're selling?
Documents, medicine, fresh baked goods, flowers, and delicacies are all delivered via uParcel (example; fresh food, frozen food, cooked food, pet food, groceries, wine, etc). Except for products on our restricted item list, we deliver anything.

Lists of Items that uParcel do not deliver:
  • Flammable, toxic, or volatile substances
  • Human/animal remains and altar
  • Single parcel exceeding RM1000 in value
  • Weapons (e.g., firearms)
  • Pets and other small animals
  • Copyrighted items (e.g., written drafts, film materials and tapes)
  • Confidential documents (e.g., passports, insurance documents)
  • Marketable securities (e.g., credit cards, ATM cards and cheques)

How can you Partner with a uParcel?
All you need to do is to create a customer account and request for delivery via our app or web platform on an ad-hoc basis. But if once your orders increase, you can consider opening a corporate account with us, this way you can be billed monthly instead of being charged every time you request for delivery. But there’s a minimum monthly commitment for a corporate account. Once you are ready, get in touch with our Sales Team at