Request uParcel Malaysia Delivery for Chinese New Year

11 January 2022

In less than a month, we will usher in the Chinese New Year, we anticipate a huge volume for the approaching CNY.

Everyone is delivering gifts and festive goods during this time, and there will be a driver shortage.

How can you avoid orders not being delivered on time and increase order acceptance?

  1. Request delivery of all packages 2–3 weeks before Chinese New Year.
  2. Avoid requesting for delivery on the last week before CNY
  3. Schedule your delivery at least 1-2 days ahead of time.
  4. For a higher acceptance rate, use 2 hours RUSH or 3 hours Express.
  5. When requesting delivery, be kind and include 'Angbow' (tips) - this will help to increase the acceptance rate. During this peak period, our delivery agents are working extra hard.
  6. To request deliveries, use bulk upload – Jobs will be clustered for drivers, which will help boost your acceptance rate.

Download our app today on Google Playstore and Apple Appstore to request for delivery. For bulk upload, request delivery on our website

Wishing you great happiness and prosperity during the festive period!