Questions to be Asked While Choosing a Courier Service for Your Business

3 August 2021

Are you looking for a courier service for your business?

Here are a few points that needs your consideration while choosing a courier delivery service for your business:

Ease of Service: Is the service easy to use? How regularly the courier collect from your dispatch center?

Areas Covered: Will the same company able to handle local and national deliveries?

Pricing: Is their price competitive for the options and services? 

Charging Structure: What prices do they charge for different weights, sizes, delivery locations and delivery timing? 

Service Guarantees: What guarantees does the courier company offer about your shipments to reach the customer on time?

Warranty: If a shipment goes missing, will you be adequately compensated, can you claim for any insurance?

Order Tracking: Do they provide order tracking, and how easy is it to integrate to your systems?

Proof of Delivery: Will there be proof of successful delivery of the package?

Flexibility: Are they flexible with their service?

Asking these questions before hiring a courier service company will ensure that both you and your customers are happy with the service they provide.