Mobile app for parcel delivery tracking: How does it work? An Inside Look

8 February 2022

You can follow your courier delivery in real time with the Courier Tracking app. This allows you to track your package's progress and determine when it will arrive. Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes, despite all the hype and advertising? We wanted to get a better understanding of how this tracking tool worked.


The Courier Tracking App

Customers can track the progress of their delivery via courier tracking apps, which are software tools utilized by courier providers. The built-in features also help to increase the driver's productivity.


How it works?

Most courier tracking apps integrate real-time GPS tracking and provide a variety of information about the courier's current locations and stops. Users can also examine images of drivers and automobiles on some apps, as well as connect with them via text messaging or phone calls. The tool helps drivers to cut their route planning time in 95% and enhance their delivery efficiency.


What makes uRoute Tracking App different than those in the market?

uRoute will automatically optimize the delivery route based on the date, time, and location. It enables the driver to manually alter the delivery route sequence if necessary. The program also allows drivers to re-optimize delivery jobs with a single click.


Benefits of using the Courier Tracking App

If a customer complains about late delivery, the admin can use the tracking software to locate the drivers. The admin can use the in-app chat to interact with the driver if the delivery instructions need to be changed. Drivers can also send a pre-delivery text to the recipient, informing them of their arrival time. The software allows the driver to complete their duty with a digital POD. Route Optimizer, the app's major function, helps you save money on gas and reduces the likelihood of taking the inaccurate delivery route.



uRoute has a number of positive aspects. There are several reasons why you should test the app if you or your organization handles in-house delivery services, from the user-friendly UI to the detailed information. If you'd like to learn more about our app, please sign up for a FREE account at today!