Highly Recommended For Non-Urgent Deliveries

3 August 2021

Schedule your deliveries with us!  

You have list of items to schedule for non-urgent deliveries. You come at the right place, we provide a wide range of delivery options include customize specific-time delivery which are pre-planned deliveries for those who are not rushing to deliver their items. For non-urgent deliveries, we would recommend this delivery type as it is the cheapest. It starts from RM24 with no hidden cost.

Do note that we will pick up the item on the intended day and delivery will only be done on the date you specified. For deliveries that are time sensitive and have to be delivered at a specific time or outside the Standard Operating hours of 9 am - 10 pm. Please note that agents may arrive 30mins before or after the specific time. Do check out our other delivery options, if you need to get your item deliver the same-day or urgently.

To better serve you, we have also extended our pickup time to 10 pm. 

Try our services and see it for yourself!