Delivery Agent Sign uP? Earn Up To $40 Per Hour!

18 September 2021

Learn how to sign up as a uParcel Delivery Agent and earn some extra income!


We have curated a quick guide to sign up as a uParcel Delivery Agent on our YouTube channel. Check it out to learn how you can join the uParcel delivery fleet!


What is a uParcel Delivery Agent?

uParcel is an e-commerce delivery service, connecting customers and delivery agents together seamlessly on one platform. By using our mobile app (Available for Android and IOS) or website, customers can easily book deliveries and our delivery agents will see the updated jobs on their app in real-time.

Our Delivery Agents are allowed to choose any type of transport to do their delivery. uParcel's delivery fleet consists of not only delivery drivers and riders but also people delivering via public transport, bicycles, etc.

That also means that anyone can sign up and pick up a job on their way home to earn some money!


What's in it for me?

As our delivery agent, you can enjoy flexible timing for your delivery schedule. We do not tie our delivery agents down and there is no minimum commitment. You can accept as many delivery jobs as you can to maximize your earnings!

You can choose whether you wish to work part-time or full-time, and choose the type of transport you will be using (public transport/car/van, etc.)

Using our mobile app, you are also granted access to various unique features to streamline your user experience - such as updating the status of deliveries, real-time notifications on delivery requests, and easily contact customers on the go!

Salary for your completed jobs will be transferred to your bank account every two weeks.


What are you waiting for? It's time to sign up as a uParcel delivery agent!