Corporate Account Available To All

3 August 2021

Looking for parcel delivery for your company to deliver your documents or packages promptly ? Sign up at uParcel as a corporate account if you have more than 10 deliveries per month.

The perk of being our corporate customer is that you will have 30 days lead time. To start your delivery, you will have to add credits (min RM50) to your E-credits via credit card or bank transfer. You can then use the money in your E-credits to pay for your subsequent deliveries. 

Without the app, you are still able to log in and request for a delivery or manage your parcels through our website

How to sign up? Drop us an email at if you'd wish to find out more about how third-party logistics companies, such as 3PL Services Provider in Malaysia, can achieve a streamline delivery system for your business.

Once it has been approved, you can start using your corporate account.