Answering Your Questions about uParcel

3 August 2021

1. What is the pick up time frame and interval?

For Same Day, Express, 2 Way Round Trip, and Specific Delivery type, the pickup timeframe is at least 4 hours. For 3 Hours delivery type, the pickup timeframe is at least 3 hours. For 2 Hour Rush, the pickup timeframe is at least 1 hour.

2. Can I cancel the job after I have submitted the delivery request? 

Yes, you can cancel the delivery request after submitting it, as long as you have not receive any confirmation from any delivery agents.

3. Can I cancel the job after receiving a confirmation? 

Once a delivery agent has accepted your job, there will be a cancellation fees of 50% of the delivery fees, with a maximum cap of RM10. To cancel your delivery, go to 'Manage Delivery' and select 'Cancel'.

4. What are uParcel's operating hours? 

uParcel's app is available 24/7. You can submit your delivery request anytime through our app. However, our customer service is open from 9.00 AM - 6.00 PM (Monday - Friday). Our delivery agents delivers during standard hours between 10am to 10pm (Mon-Sun). You are able to make bookings on Sundays and Public Holidays but our customer service will not be available and we can only attend to you at the next working day.

5. What if there is no one around to receive the parcel? 

We will make a redelivery at the earliest available date at no additional cost. However, if the parcel is not able to be delivered on the 2nd attempt, it will be returned to the sender with a $5 return fee.

6. Who can I contact for queries regards to bulk deliveries quotation or corporate discount? 

Please write in to our email address at for such enquiries. Our sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.

7. What happens if my delivery request is not accepted?  

If the delivery request is not accepted, it means there is no available agent who is able deliver the parcel. Please repost at a different time. All unaccepted requests will be deleted at the end of the day. Rest assured, only 0.1% of our deliveries remain undelivered.  

8. What are the payment modes available?

You can pay by credit card/bank transfer or E-credits. For E-credits, you need to top up your credits by selecting Credit Card payment. If you are a corporate customer, then you can select 'On Credit' and opt to pay by monthly billings. If you do not wish to purchase the minimum of $50 credits for the E-credits, you may also request to pay by Credit Cards’ for ad-hoc or one time deliveries. There will be a transaction fee of 2% for this payment mode.

9. Are there any tracking available for my parcels?

Yes, you will see the tracking number under your delivery request. You can view the status under Manage Deliveries or you can use that tracking number to view the status on our webpage at

10. What is Long Distance Surcharge? 

Long distance surcharge applies to distance between pickup and delivery locations that exceeds 30km. The maximum distance allowed is 45km.

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