A Complete Guide - How to use uParcel

4 August 2021

Been wanting to try uParcel but don't know where to start? Here is a step-by-step guide to help you in booking delivery with uParcel:


1. Sign Up 

Sign up on our website or app - available on both Google Play & Apple store. 


2. Request Delivery   

Fill the sender’s details, receiver’s details, pickup timing, and location accordingly upon login.


3. Payment    

Our Payment methods include e-wallet and credit card. Corporate can also pay using a corporate account. Read more about our corporate accounts here.


4. Contact Delivery Agent  

Once a delivery agent has accepted the job, you may call or text the agent directly.


5. Track Your Delivery  

Live tracking is available on our web. Recipients get an SMS notification with your brand and a one-click tracking link. Read more about our one-click tracking link over here.


6. Invoice  

Your invoice will be available once the delivery is done. You may download it under ‘Delivery History’