9.9 uParcel Launched NEW Revamped App

13 September 2021

uParcel has just released our NEW Revamped App on September 9, 2021. It's exclusively available for Android devices on Google Playstore. The iOS version will be released later.

What can you expect from our NEW App once you update or download it?

ROUTE OPTIMIZER AI TECHNOLOGY has been added to our new app.
For a better user experience, we've changed our User Interface. We've also included a live chatbot so you can chat with our customer care, a route planner so you can plan your journeys, and much more.

What are the advantages of the new app for you as a delivery agent?

As an agent, you can earn more money. Your accepted jobs will now be arranged and optimized by date, time, and distance. It saves you a lot of time as well as money on petrol.

5 benefits of Route Planner
  • Optimizes and automates delivery routes for delivery agents.
  • Multiple destination route planner serves all the necessary delivery details
  • Decreases the time of planning routes and increases the number of jobs in a day
  • Enhances customer satisfaction and built a loyalty base
  • Offers in-app scanning of all parcels and quick dispatch

To try out the new features, download our app right now.
With the redesigned app, you can boost your earnings right now.

Refer to our video for more information on how to complete our quiz before you can start delivering.

Happy Earning & Delivering!