3 Hours Express - Pick up & Delivery

3 August 2021

Gone are the days where you have to pre-plan your deliveries so that they will reach their destinations on the intended days. 

Now your customers can receive their items as fast as 2 hours - 3 hours.

With uParcel's 3 hours express delivery, you can now book a courier on demand and it will be delivered within 3 hours. This is specially catered for those who want their items to be delivered during a specific time, especially if it's a perishable items, or if you want it to reach you during office hours before you knock off from work. 

For those who need their item to be delivered late at night, our 3 hours express extends till 12 midnight. Our fleet of agents also covers almost every part of Klang Valley which is why you don't have to wait for too long for the agents to accept your request. 

It starts from as low as RM13 which is probably cheaper than most standard delivery services. 

Try it for yourself, book a delivery service from uParcel!